Wednesday, August 31, 2016

SDCC 2016 Exclusive DC Multiverse Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet

SDCC 2016 Mattel Exclusive DC Multiverse Wonder Woman with Invisible Jet. The box is big. We were not expecting the box to be this big nor expecting to see an actual Invisible Jet inside the box. The box was big and bulky but also very lite and retailed for $15. How many of you remember when Hot Wheels released the Invisible Jet at SDCC a few years ago? Also this year, Warner Bros. had said that you could take a picture with Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet at the MLK Promenade where they had the Batman v Superman Statue and Vehicles. Guessing the Invisible Jet was hovering overhead. 

This year they are celebrating 75 Years of Wonder Woman so there is a lot of tributes/events and releases. Above is the back of the box. 

The Invisible Jet also comes with a stand which you can see above. This set is awesome and exceeded our expectations.

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