Monday, February 20, 2017

Checking Out Bimtoy's Tiny Ghost Vinyl Figure

Have you picked up Bimtoy's Tiny Ghost Vinyl Figure? We picked one up when it first went on sale. Originally the White (OG) version was limited but they changed their minds and is now an open run until they decided to not make anymore. They also released Silver and Gold versions which were both limited in quantity and have been sold out.

Tiny Ghost was designed by Reis O'Brien who is the Senior Product Designer at Funko. These were produced by Bottleneck Gallery. The price on the White (OG) Version of Tiny Ghost is $20. The Tiny Ghost stands 5" tall. You can't beat that price! You can pick one up HERE. They also recently released a couple of T-shirts as well.

Here's more pictures of the Tiny Ghost when we received it from Bimtoy.

 This is what we saw when we took Tiny Ghost out of the shipping box. Each Tiny Ghost box is wrapped in tissue paper.

 Here's the Tiny Ghost box after we removed the tissue paper. 

 This is what the sides of the box looks like. From what we've seen in Bimtoy's instagram is that they will be making changes to the boxes so the ghost on the sides will be white instead of the glossy black that you see here. 

This here is the back of the box. 

The packaging is nice and simple. The figure comes inside a plastic clamshell so it doesn't bounce around inside the box. 

Here's some pictures of the Tiny Ghost vinyl figure. We took pics of the front, back and bottom.

The sculpt is simple and clean. This is a cute little ghost, well maybe not so little seeing as how it's 5-inches tall but if you had purchased some of the resin tiny ghosts from Reis O'Brien then you would know how small they are. Maybe they'll make some small Tiny Ghost vinyl figures or blind boxes. Who doesn't love blind boxes?

Also the first 200 orders were supposed to get a free Tiny Ghost Pin but either they had a shortage or we didn't get our order in on time.

We did however get this Jason/Friday the 13th Pin with our Tiny Ghost order. We contacted Bimtoy and asked about the Tiny Ghost pin and they said they have more on the way and that everyone would get them. Not sure if that meant with every order or people who received pins such as this as an IOU? It was nice of them to offer the Tiny Ghost Pin. We would've bought one if they put it for sale.

Anyways, if you love cute things and ghosts then this is up your alley. You can't go wrong with purchasing a 5" vinyl figure for $20 these days. The price point is great and if you're into customizing toys this is a great way to buy a bunch and show off your creativity. We love Tiny Ghost and we're hoping for a Glow in the dark version in the future and some smaller mini Tiny Ghosts!

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