Monday, February 27, 2017

Loot Crate BUILD Unboxing

Get your hard hat on and let's check out this month's "BUILD" Loot Crate. Hopefully everyone has received their crate by now but if you haven't please note there are spoilers ahead.

Every month is a surprise when you open your crate for the first time. This is what you'll see this month when you open your crate. 

Here's a longer view of the whole box open with the lid flipped up and you can see the graphics inside the box. 

The first thing we pulled out was the exclusive Batman Food Container. The Batman Food Container is by Zak! Designs and licensed by DC Comics. 

This is what the Batman Food Container Looks Like. Very cute. This cannot be microwaved and can only be hand washed. It's a small container so would be suitable to hold snacks or candy etc... 

Next we pull out the exclusive Power Rangers Megazord T-shirt which is licensed by Saban and made by Loot Crate. This will be an awesome shirt to wear when you go see the new Power Rangers movie.

Also included in this month's box is a LEGO Dimensions Fun Pack. There are several different fun packs that you could get but which one you'll get, you won't know until you get your box. We received the Wonder Woman & Invisible Jet Fun Pack. The other Fun Packs that you could get is Cyborg, Unikitty, Bad Cop or Benny. 

Finally, inside this month's box is Tetris Magnets which is licensed by The Tetris Company and made by Paladone. Oh the never ending fun which you can now have on your fridge without the pieces going insanely fast as you get to the super high levels.

It looks like each Loot Crate this month will be getting a postcard from Loot Crate announcing their 5th Anniversary and a new Loot Crate Logo. 

This here is the Secret Order of Keys card which looks to be a special challenge for Looters. To know what it is, you'll have to get yourself a Loot Crate.

This month's Loot Pins features Megazord from Power Rangers. 

The Loot Crate Magazine that features all the items inside the crate as well as special articles. 

This month's Loot Crate box transforms into a robot. This one is pretty cool!

So what did you think of this month's BUILD Loot Crate? Ready to try it out for one month? You can cancel at anytime! For more information, go here.

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