Sunday, February 19, 2017

Loot Anime Dimension Unboxing!

Loot Anime Dimensions Unboxing for January 2017. By now everyone should have received their box. If not, spoilers ahead!

It's a pretty much a surprise every month as to what you would see inside the box. The picture you see above is exactly what you would see when you open yours or similar lol.

 Right off the bat we see a t-shirt and pull it out to see what the graphic on the t-shirt is. This month we got a No Game No Life T-Shirt. 

 Next item that we pull out of the box is the Sword Art Online II Asuna Figure. 

 Also inside this month's box is the Re:Zero Rem & Ram Rotating Picture Frame. 

 Next is the Log Horizon Light Novel.

 Underneath the novel is the Sword Art Online I Socks which features Chibi Asuna. You either got this one or Chibi Kirito. 

 As with every month we get a collectible phone charm which is the Yume Dimension Charm. 

 Last but not least is the poster / box contents for this month. The poster illustration is by Madeleine Rosca.

 In case you need to know what the items inside your box were. This gives you the description for each item. 

Each month the box can be turned inside out to form into whatever theme it is for the month.

Did you like the contents of this month's Loot Anime? Check HERE for more info on the theme for next month's box.

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