Monday, February 20, 2017

Jakks Pacific x Disney Tsum Tsum Mystery Pack Series 5

Some of our favorite toys are these cute Disney Tsum Tsum Mystery Packs by Jakks Pacific. This here is Series 5 which recently hit store shelves. As you can see these are blind bag toys. There are 15 to collect in this series.

We started collecting the Toy Story ones from the previous series and we would luck out and find the ones we wanted pretty quickly. Until Series 4 came along and we couldn't find Lotso. He was one of the hardest ones to find mostly because he was probably 1 per case which makes him rare and the aftermarket prices was 4-5 times the retail. Long story short we bought a lot of blind bags but could never find him. Then we ended up getting a bunch of the other Pixar figures so we decided to keep those. If you are looking for a rare / hard to find figure, buy a case because it will save you a lot of headaches.

Nemo, Jack Skellington, Barrel and Jessie
Back to Series 5, we were able to find pretty every one that we were looking for except Boo from Monsters Inc. Frustrated after buying handfuls of blind bags and no luck. Of course Boo was indeed the rare one to get in this series.

Sulley and Hank!

Finally Found BOO!

We don't collect every single figure in each series but rather the ones we like such as Toy Story, Pixar and Nightmare Before Christmas. We absolutely love the accessories that each of these Tsum Tsum comes with. 

Right now a lot of the blind bags have been cherry picked at retail stores unless your store has new cases in their stock room so your best bet would be to purchase a whole case. Right now you can pre-order a case from our friends at Entertainment Earth for $79.99 HERE and it also includes Free Shipping. They will have theirs in stock in March. 

We are definitely looking forward to the next series!

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