Sunday, May 21, 2017

Knock Out Mystery Box Gamestop Exclusive Unboxing

We're unboxing Gamestop's Exclusive Knock Out Mystery Box featuring Funko Products! All items in here are exclusive.

 Here's the view of the box once you open it. 

 We pulled an exclusive Akuma Street Fighter Pocket Pop Keychain. There is also a glow in the dark variant.

 We also got a Tekken Armor King POP! Vinyl Figure. We got the silver version and there is a blue armor variant as well.

 Finally we got a variant version of Street Fighter's Chun-Li in Pink Rock Candy Vinyl Collectible. There is the regular Blue version as well as a Gold version. 

Funko/Gamestop decided to fill in the gaps with these cardboard fillers so the figures don't bounce around inside the box and get damaged. Interesting to see if they will do this for all their Mystery and Subscription boxes.

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