Sunday, May 21, 2017

Legion of Collectors Wonder Woman Unboxing

We're unboxing the Legion of Collectors Wonder Woman Box. If you didn't receive yours yet, don't look lol.

 Here's the view once we opened our box. 

 Always like to check out the graphics on the inside of the box. 

 Here's this month's patch and pin. 

 Closeup of the patch. 

 Closeup of the pin.

 The next layer of the box, we see the postcard/flyer which shows the theme for the next Legion of Collectors Box. 

 Batman The Animated Series is the Theme for the next box. 

 The other side of the postcard/flyer shows more info on the items inside the box and how they got final products made. 

 Once we took out the postcard/flyer, we see the rest of the box. 

 We pull out Wonder Woman Socks!

 From the new Wonder Woman Movies we have a new Wonder Woman with her Lasso of Truth POP! Vinyl Figure. 

 Also included is an exclusive Doctor Maru POP! Vinyl Figure from the new Wonder Woman Movie. 

 Last but not least is an exclusive Wonder Woman Movie Wonder Woman Pint Size Heroes.
Here's Wonder Woman soaking up the sun!

Really loving the exclusive Pint Size Heroes and of course the POP! Vinyl Figure! See you at the next unboxing! Thanks for checking out our post!

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