Sunday, May 21, 2017

Loot Crate "INVESTIGATE" Unboxing

Some of April's Loot Crates were delayed so a lot of people did not get their boxes until the beginning of May. Also if you had completed the Secret Order of Keys Challenge, the extra loot bonus was delayed for most people and will ship separately hopefully sometimes in May.  Unboxing the April 2017 Loot Crate and the theme was "INVESTIGATE" which featured items from Stranger Things, Jessica Jones, Batman and The X-Files. Check out our unboxing pictures below:

First look inside the box once you open it. 

Here's a shot of the box's inside graphics. 

Overview picture of the whole box when opened. 

First thing we pulled out is the Stranger Things T-Shirt. Uncanny X-Men #134 is a pivotal point in  "The Dark Phoenix Saga" which is also a key reference in Stranger Things. 

Next is Marvel's Jessica Jones Q-Fig by QMx. 

Also inside this month's box is a Batman Color-Changing Mug. 

Here's the mug take out of the box. It is wrapped in tissue paper. Once you pour in hot beverage the different colors will start to appear. 

Finally, we have set of The X-Files Pencils and each pencil has a different saying on it. "I Want To Believe", "The Truth is Out There", "Trust No One" and "That's Why They Put The "I" In F.B.I. Loot Crate also threw in a pencil sharpener. 

Here's the monthly loot pin which features a tape recorder. 

This here is the monthly Loot Crate Magazine that seems to have lost some of it's exclusive articles/interviews compared previous boxes. The magazine now consists of just the box's contents, Mega Cratge and Looter Community and other Loot Advertisements for their other Loot Subs etc... 

What did you think of April's INVESTIGATION Loot Crate? If you like what you've seen, go HERE and subscribe to the next box.

 Almost forgot to say that this month's box transforms into a CSI Kit. Check out the images to show you every side of the box. Our box is a bit banged up from shipping so some parts doesn't hold too well.

Thanks for checking out this post! We'll see you very soon for May's Loot Crate Unboxing!

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