Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Collector Corps Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Unboxing

We received out Collector Corps Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 not too long ago so it was only fitting that we put up our unboxing on the same week the movie is coming out. Some lucky movie goers were able to watch the movie early but for the rest of us the movie won't be in theaters until Thursday/Friday, May 4th or 5th depending on your Theater.  Anyways, check out our pictorial unboxing below!

As we all know, through subscribing to Collector Corps there is a patch and pin included in each box. Also check out the themed graphics inside the box as well. If you open the box all the way the graphic shows just about all the main characters in the movie.

Here's a closer look at the box's graphics inside the box. Who doesn't love Groot or Rocket Raccoon? It would have been cool to get a mini poster of this graphic to keep since, unfortunately, we don't have a lot of space and we end up recycling/throwing out the boxes.

 Here's a general view of the patch which has Star-Lord and the pin which has Gamora,
 Here's a close up picture of the Star-Lord Patch.

 Here's a close up of the Gamora Pin.

As we move on the bottom layer of the box we see the flyer/postcard of what the theme for the next Collector Corps Box will be and it is Spider-man Homecoming.

 Spider-Man Homecoming!!!

 The other side of the flyer/post card shows the contents inside this box and little tidbits of how certain items were made etc...

Next is an exclusive variant cover to Secret Empire #0 Comic Book which features Rocket Raccoon and Groot. So Cute! Love the artwork on it!

 Here's the t-shirt that was included in the box which features all the main characters of the movie.

 Here's the t-shirt taken out of the polybag. 

Finally, we get down to main goodies in the box which is the vinyl toys. We got a Rocket with Groot Vinyl Bobble-Head Exclusive. This is the first time that they've had 2 characters stuck together as a POP! Figure. Usually all the characters are sold separately but this one is so cute! Baby Groot on the back of Rocket Raccoon's Head.

  Finally, we have an exclusive Star-Lord with The Milano Dorbz Ridez Vinyl Collectible. 

 Of course you need a picture of Star-Lord's happy face flying The Milano!

Collector Corps is a bi-monthly subscription featuring all things Marvel and is Powered by Funko. So if you love Marvel & Funko or collect a lot of Funko's toys you'll know what types of items are inside this box.  As always, we look forward to the next Collector Corps box which is themed Spider-Man Homecoming. See you next time! Thanks for taking the time to read our post!

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