Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Loot Pets INVESTIGATION Unboxing

Loot Pets Investigation Unboxing for April 2017. This month's box didn't have to many items the previous boxes. The only hint they gave for this box was that there was an X-Files Pet Shirt.

 Here's the view after opening the box. The picture above shows a nice LV inspired pattern. 

 Here's what you'll see when you open your Loot Pets Crate.

 We pull out the X-Files Pet Shirt which says "The Truth is Still Out There".

 Next is an exclusive Magnifying Glass Plush Tug Toy.

 Finally, this month's box also includes Steak-Outs Dog Treats.While your pup is out investigating, they've got some snacks to keep them going until dinner time.

 Here's the punch-out frame as well as the description of all the contents inside this month's box.

What was missing this month is the collar charm that you would usually get in past Loot Pets boxes. Our guess is that they're changing things up with the Loot Pets box.

If you aren't already following us instagram or twitter you should. Our handle for both is collectingtoyz. We usually post all of our unboxing on instagram before we post about them here. Check our Loot Pets Investigation Unboxing on Instagram HERE. As always if you like what you've seen inside this month's Loot Pets, check out their website for more info on subscribing. Until next month!

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