Thursday, August 20, 2015

Inside the September PREVIEWS!

The September edition of Diamond Comic Distributors’ monthly PREVIEWS catalog arrives in comic shops, hobby stores, and other specialty outlets on August 26th and features comic books, graphic novels, toys, and other pop culture merchandise scheduled to go on sale beginning November 2015.

ON OUR FRONT COVER: Frank Miller is joined by Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert, and Klaus Janson for Dark Knight III: The Master Race, the final chapter in his epic Batman saga.

ON OUR BACK COVER: Based on Activision's best-selling video game series, Dark Horse Comics introduces readers to the future of warfare in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

The September PREVIEWS Features

As Seen on TV — Television and comics have a long, intertwined history, and this month PREVIEWS looks at the comics inspired by television and the television inspired by comics.

Gems of the Month — September's PREVIEWS Gems of the Month include: Dark Horse Comics' Joe Golem: Occult Detective, a new hard-boiled detective tale set in the world of Mike Mignola's Hellboy; DC Entertainment's Superman: American Alien, an exploration of Clark Kent's early life from Max Landis (Chronicle), Jock, Francis Manapul, and Jae Lee; IDW Publishing's My Little Pony: Art Is Magic, a new artbook that focuses on IDW's MLP comics; Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera present a dark tale of humanity's darkest days before the Flood in Image Comics' The Goddammned; and Laura Kinney, once known as X-23, is the All-New Wolverine in Marvel Comics' new series.

SplashPREVIEWS shines a special spotlight at some of the blockbuster books and products coming this November including Mark Waid and Adam Kubert's All-New All-Different Avengers from Marvel which introduces a brand-new team; Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda present a steampunk kaiju story in Image Comics' Monstress; Warren Ellis pens a new tale of a British secret agent with a license to kill in Dynamite Entertainment's James Bond: VARGR; Garth Ennis returns to Crossed with Avatar Press' Crossed: Dead or Alive; Grant Morrison reveals the secret history of Santa Claus in BOOM! Studios' Klaus; and many more products you have to look forward to this November.

PREVIEWS Exclusive Apparel — Each month PREVIEWS offers comic book fans and pop culture aficionados a selection of t-shirts and other apparel that can only be found in your local comic shop! You no longer have to go to Costa Rica to get a Jurassic Park t-shirt from the gift shop; your comic shop will have the Jurassic World: "Baby Triceratops" T-Shirt. Leonardo da Vinci's rare sketches of Ash are featured on the Army of Darkness: Groovian Man" T-Shirt. Capcom's fan-favorite character stars on the Mega Man: "Mega Man Shooting" T-Shirt. These and many other shirts can only be found through PREVIEWS.

Indie EdgePREVIEWS talks to Christopher Hastings, the creator of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja and writer of Adventure Time for BOOM! Studios about his career, his work, and the books he's reading today.
Plus: Staff Picks, the month's Certified Cool books, the monthly Bestseller Charts, and so much more!
All this awaits you in the September edition of PREVIEWS, which goes on sale at your local comic shop or specialty store on Wednesday, August 26th with the new, lower cover price of just $3.99.


ABOUT DIAMOND COMIC DISTRIBUTORS (DCD) Diamond is at the nexus of comics and pop culture merchandise. Based in Baltimore, MD, DCD is the world's largest distributor of English-language comic books and pop-culture related merchandise, servicing more than 4,000 specialty retailers worldwide. For more information, visit Diamond on the web at

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