Monday, August 10, 2015

Keep Calm and Collect Toyz T-Shirts + Super J & Spitwad Button Pack

Up for pre-sale is our Keep Calm and Collect Toyz T-shirts in both Black and Cardinal Red. They are $15 each. Pre-sale window is open until early September to give you some time to purchase these rad shirts. Makes a great gift for the toy collector in your life. Our cute logo JoJo is the face on the shirt. When you look at his face it just makes you smile especially when you're in line waiting to get your exclusive toy or you miss out on an exclusive online release. Purchase both shirts HERE.

We also put up our Super Heroes Pack featuring the alter egos of JoJo and Spittelz which are Super J and Spitwad. The button pack is $3 each here.

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