Wednesday, May 18, 2016

3DIT Character Creator Review

This is Jakks Pacific 3DIT Character Creator / 3D Molding Machine. This looked very promising and we got it at a really great price so why not try it out. After taking the plastic wrapper off the box you could smell this weird odor coming from the box. Didn't thing too much of it and just thought it just need to air out a bit. The machine comes with 4 wax sticks along with the mold to make the figures. One stick was already inside which is how they come packaged.

Here's the machine out of the package. Getting things set up and start making figures.

Here's the handle that you use to push down on the wax stick to get it to melt into the mold. We followed the instructions that it came with. Waited for the system to heat up which would have a red light lit up. Once it was heated the light would turn green and there you would push down on the black handle to melt the wax into the mold. Well did everything right and nothing was coming out. You could sort of smell the wax burning/melting but where was it going?

We checked out various reviews online as well as YouTube videos to see if anyone had a solution. We saw other reviews that said to put another wax stick on top of the one inside so it would push the first one down to melt. No luck there so sent an email to Jakks Pacific and they pretty relayed the same info. We did that and still no luck. We used up pretty much all of our wax sticks. The wax sticks are still somewhere inside the machine but where did they melt to? Who knows? This is a mystery. Needless to say we returned the machine back to the store.

We were very disappointed. The concept and idea is great. Perhaps they should've did more R&D before making these. Had this worked, we would've pumped out bucket loads of these figures. These are geared towards kids but even adults had difficulty with this.

Don't know if it's a hit and miss thing with these but would not recommend these to anyone.

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