Friday, May 20, 2016

Finding Dory Semi Blind-Bag Series 1 Mini Figures from Bandai

Finding Dory will be hitting Theaters soon and quite a bit of merchandise is hitting stores now. Here is a semi blind bag mini figure series from Bandai. The pictures that you see on the package are the ones to collect.

When we say semi blind bag, here's what you see on the back of the pack. There's a clear fish window which provides enough of peek as to who is inside the pack. Obviously if you want it to be a surprise just grab a bunch and don't look through the fish window. It's fairly easy to collect them all or if you just want to pick up a certain one. These retail for $2.99.

At first we didn't realize that we could see who was inside the bag until checking out the back of the package in the store and then we decided to look for Crush. Wasn't too hard since the pegs were stocked full of the mini figure packs.

Our love for mini figures never ends lol. The quality and paint job on this figure is pretty much perfect. There are 8 figures to collect in this first series. So go on out and pick up a pack today before they're all gone!

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