Thursday, May 19, 2016

Peter Kato's Bedtime Bunnie Woot Bear Exclusive

After missing out on the first Bedtime Bunnie Vinyl release, we were happy to pick up the Woot Bear Exclusive release (white with pink slippers) which also included a few bonuses such as the first 6 or 7 to purchase in-store at Woot Bear would get a little resin Bedtime Bunnie. The Bunnies were limited to 50 and each one comes with a print. There are slight variations of the print as they were hand embellished by Peter Kato.

Bedtime Bunnie stands 6" tall. This version is still in stock at Woot Bear for $40 HERE.

We were unable to attend Peter Kato's Resin Bedtime Bunnie Birthday Party at Woot Bear last Saturday. As of this posting there are still some resin Bedtime Bunnies for sale on their website.

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