Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Toy Story Buddy Figure Semi Blind Bag

A bit behind on posting these latest blind bag/box but if you follow us on instagram you will see everything posted there first before it gets posted here. What you see above is the Disney/Pixar Toy Story Buddy Figure by Mattel. It is semi blind-bag because once you flip the package over, there is a tiny clear area on the back where you can see what's inside.

Here's the back of the package. You can see the little clear area where you can peek inside to see which character is in there.

Front of Checklist that comes with each pack.
This is the other side that features the checklist so you know how many to collect.
Inside our pack we got Zurg but we took a peek through the back of the pack to see who or what was inside. These are available at most retailers such as Target, Walmart, Kmart etc...

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