Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Smuggler's Bounty - Bounty Hunters Unboxing

Let's check out this month's Smuggler's Bounty - Bounty Hunters Box! Unboxing pics below but everyone should have received their box by now. If not, please don't read any further unless you want to see spoilers.

 Here's the box this month as it's delivered to your door etc... 

 Lift open the lid and there's this month's pin and patch. 

 Closeup of the Bossk Pin!

 Closeup of the Boba Fett Patch!

 As you lift the layer with the pin and patch, you see a t-shirt. 

 Bounty Hunters T-Shirt and unfortunately someone didn't do spell check and misspelled Assassin. Picture above shows the top half of the shirt.

 Here's the bottom half of the shirt. 

 One you remove the t-shirt, underneath is 2 POP! Vinyl Figures featuring Boba Fett with Jet Pack and IG-88.

 Boba Fett with Jet Pack


Favorite thing in this Smuggler's Bounty Box has to be the Boba Fett with Jet Pack POP! Vinyl Bobble-Head figure and the pin/patch.

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