Tuesday, May 31, 2016

LVL UP Power Reveal!

Did you miss this month's LVL UP Power Collection? This month featured items from Super Mario, Marvel, The Lord of the Rings and Masters of the Universe.

 Here's the LVL UP Power Collection Fold out. Front shown above.

 Check out what these people are wearing!

 This is the back of the fold out. 

We'll start with the LVL UP Loot Socks!

 Super Mario Super Star Crew Socks

He-Man Crew Socks

Loot For Her!

Marvel Heroes Charm Bracelet

 Super Mario Bros. Infinity Scarf

Loot Wearable!
 The Lord of the Rings "Preciousss" Long Sleeve Shirt. (above is front of shirt and below is back of shirt. Yes the back of the shirt has a bigger graphic than the front.)

 Loot Tee!

Masters of the Universe Battle Cat T-Shirt. 

What do you think of this month's items from LVL UP? 

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