Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Loot Pets POWER Unboxing!

Loot Pets POWER Unboxing! Check out our instagram for a double dose of unboxing featuring our guest doggie unboxing and enjoying the goodies in this month's crate.

Opening the box this month and we see a cool lightning/chicken pattern on paper that covers the goodies inside the box. Last month's paper had bacon.

 After opening the paper we see a Mega Man Rush T-Shirt for Humans. 

 After removing that we see the rest of the crate which features a matching Mega Man Rush Dog T-Shirt.

 Here's a closeup of the Mega Man Graphic.

 A new exclusive Power Charm for your doggie's collar!

 Here we see some doggie treats and a toy!

 Kong Airdog Dumbbell Toy. 

 Of course one of the highlights in the box for any dog is what treat did they get and this month they got Chicken Chargers Treats!

 Cool collectible cards featuring this month's items inside the Loot Pets box. Pictures above and below show front and back of the cards.

Do you like what you see? It's pretty cool to get matching t-shirts for you and your pet. If you love pampering and spoiling your dog, why not share some Loot goodies with your pet.
They'll thank you later!

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