Saturday, May 21, 2016

Funko POP! Mystery Series 2 Hot Topic Exclusive

It's been a couple of weeks since Hot Topic released Series 2 of their Funko POP! Mystery Vinyl Figures.

Here's the back of the box which shows the different figures that could possibly be inside. As you can see there is 3 figures that you clearly see. The 4th one is the chase figure.

We purchase a few blind boxes just to see if we could at least get 3 out of 4. This time we weren't so lucky with our picks and got 2 out of 4. As you can see they are Deadpool variations and are called Stingray and Slapstick. The other ones that we didn't get was Madcap and Metallic Madcap which was the chase figure. The blind boxes retail for $12.50 each.

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