Thursday, September 8, 2016

Barnes & Noble Exclusive Funko Mystery Box

Barnes & Noble Exclusive Funko Mystery Box. Not sure when these came out but we didn't find out about them until early August. We were expecting similar stuff to what the Gamestop Mystery Boxes had. Each Mystery Box contained a Barnes & Noble exclusive Funko item with a bunch of regular Funko products. So Barnes & Noble had 3 different Mystery Boxes (A, B or C). Each mystery box was $29.95. We took a gamble and went for 1 of each box and we got a pretty good deal as there was a special discount on the day we ordered so we got these on sale plus free & fast shipping.

Box A
Box B
Box C
So notice anything different or pretty much everything is the same except a couple of items in each box. As you can see the exclusive is the Suicide Killer Croc POP! Vinyl figure which glows in the dark. Everything else in the box are pretty much the same. Only the POP! Figures are different and one of the pop keychains is different in each box. Same Mystery Mini Blind Boxes in each box.

Barnes & Noble should've just stuck to one Mystery Box instead of saying here's A,B or C... It sounded as if everything was different in the Mystery Boxes when only 2 things were different inside the box and they were regular Funko products. The regular Funko items all had price tags on them which seems to be overstock or stuff they couldn't sell at their retail stores.

It's worth it for the Glow in the dark Killer Croc POP! Vinyl Figure. There's no real difference between the 3 different Mystery boxes. So if you're only interested in the GITD Killer Croc POP! Vinyl you only need to buy 1 box plus use a coupon or discount code and there is also free shipping if you spend $25 or more.

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