Friday, September 23, 2016

Funko Announces Wave 5 of Their NYCC Exclusives

Funko announced their 5th Wave of NYCC 2016 Exclusives today. They are Indiana Jones Adventure POP! Rides, NY Taxi Freddy POP! Rides, Pirates of the Caribbean Barbossa w/ Monkey POP!, Nightmare Before Christmas Seated Sally w/ Cat POP!, Nightmare Before Christmas Behemoth POP!, Star Wars Episode 1 Qui Gon Jinn POP! and Star Wars Rogue One Bistan POP!

If you are attending NYCC, make sure you enter their lottery to purchase exclusives. It's a random drawing and you aren't guaranteed to get picked but this is the only way to try and get a chance to purchase any of Funko's NYCC Exclusives. Some of the exclusives will also be shared exclusives but Funko won't announce them until October 6th.

Prices for the Funko NYCC Exclusives below:

Dorbz $10 / Dorbz XL $25 / Dorbz 3-pk $30
Pop!s $15 / Pop! 2-pk $30
Dorbz Ridez $25 / Pop! Rides $40
ReAction sets $25

For more info go HERE.

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