Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SDCC 2016 Funko Fundays

If you thought getting SDCC tickets were hard, try getting tickets to Funko Fundays. Tickets sold out within in a few seconds of them going up for sale. A couple of our crew were extremely lucky to get tickets. Even lining up a couple of hours early the line to get in was long. There were a lot of people in attendance.

Once you were able to check in they gave you box of fun and the pic above shows the line to get inside another room.

You can spin the wheel to win prizes.

 Collector Customs by Funatics.

 The Line for food!
Yummy Sliders!!!!

Here's some of the entertainment during Fundays. Pee Wee Herman impersonator looking for his bike!
 Michael Jackson.

 Oompa Loompas

 Willie Wonka and the Oompa Loompas

 They gave everyone a Funko Bar and a few of them contained a golden ticket where the winner would get to visit the Funko Headquarters.

The vibe inside Fundays was very party/club like with music, dancing etc... This year there were no adults fighting over toys. Funko took control of the prize management and made sure every table left with a prize. They had a prize patrol or group of funko volunteers help pass out the prizes to each table.

They handed out an envelope to each person and if you had a certain card you would win a prize. (above is not a winner lol)

They gave out these awesome Fundays "Bazooka Gum" T-Shirts. 

Inflatable Noise makers lol.

  A Box of Fun which held 3 Limited Edition Funko POP! Freddy Funko as various characters.

A big bag to hold you Funko swag.

Here's the flyer that Pee Wee was handing out.... Don't worry they found his bike and handed it back to him!

We attended Funko Fundays a couple years back when it wasn't like this at all. They threw prizes and people would fight for them so you'd end up with a messed up box and pray the toy didn't break. We didn't attend last year which we heard had adults knocking kids down for toys and people getting hurt. Funko did a great job this year with how they gave away prizes. No beat downs or people getting hurt! It was civil and fun like it should be!

We weren't lucky with their SDCC exclusives but at least we got into Fundays! Hopefully we'll be able to get tickets again next year!

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