Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Recap: Road to Sofubi Tour - Game of Hope at Mythic Games

The Road to Sofubi Tour made their first stop at Mythic Games in Santa Cruz, CA this past Saturday. The tour consists of the following sofubi companies from Japan, RealxHead, Skull Toys, Goccodo and Punk Drunkers.

RealxHead, Goccodo and Punk Drunkers made it out to Santa Cruz and brought a lot of sofubi. If you were anywhere in CA and collect sofubi from these toy makers you missed out big time. They brought so much sofubi that if you brought enough cash you could possibly walk out with one of each figure that they brought.

We arrived a couple of hours before the show started which was at 7pm. There was a small line of about 12 people or so. We waited for a little bit in line before ReaxHead, Skull Toys and Goccodo arrived to set up. Their translator was also there and passed out line number tickets shortly so we didn't have to wait around for the next hour or 2. It gave us time to get some dinner and then as it got to about 15 minutes before 7 we headed back and you can see everyone waiting around. There were about 30 people or so. The event was cash only.

Here's the table featuring all of the sofubi figures that they brought. They brought a lot which if you looked closely they had more stashed underneath the table. Everyone was taking pictures outside of the store as they blocked off the entrance to limit people going in or out. They were still setting up and making their final touches. They did allow people to take pics inside but it would just take too much time and we didn't want to be rude and hold up the time for them to start letting people in.

The prices for some of their minis were higher than at previous shows. Not sure about their bigger pieces but heard that it was a bit higher as well. We were happy with what we got. We picked up the Black Frog Sumo figure. Wasn't too interested in the minis that they had there this time. Was hoping for the trio set of the see no, hear no, speak no evil minis.

If we were a hard core collector, this would've been a shopping spree like no other. Looking forward to seeing them at DCon. They need to bring this amount of sofubi and more for DCon. Remember they only take cash so better start saving if you're going to DCon and bring a lot of cash. Cash is king!

Almost forgot to mention that they had tour merchandise for sale as well such as t-shirts, posters, magnets,hats etc...

We want to thank RealxHead, Goccodo, Punk Drunkers, their translator and Mythic Games for hosting this event. Hopefully they will do this again in the future!

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