Thursday, September 29, 2016

League of Legends Limited Edition Collector's Box Gamestop Exclusive

We picked up the League of Legends Limited Edtion Collector's Box which is exclusive to Gamestop for $24.99. This box is filled with Funko products featuring characters from League of Legends.

Another pic of the box.
 Here's what you see when you open the box. 

Amumu POP! Vinyl Figure
Poro 3-Pack Mini Vinyl Figures Box Set. There are 2 different sets. This is one of them.
Mystery Mini Blind Box - Well not really blind box since the outer box said it would contain a mini Lucious Vinyl Figure.
Thresh Pocket POP! Keychain
Here's a picture of Lucious out of the blind box.
All of these items are exclusive to this box and Gamestop so if your a fan of this game, go to Gamestop and buy a box!

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