Saturday, September 17, 2016

Funko Marvel Pocket POP! Keychain POP! Mystery Hot Topic Exclusive

These were a bit of a surprise when we first found out about them. Wasn't expecting them to have a POP! Mystery for the Pocket POP! Keychains. These are Hot Topic Exclusive once again and are blind boxed.

According to the back of the box there are 4 different ones to collect. 3 Regular versions and one Mystery Chase figure. They are Spider-Gwen Unhooded, Red Hulk, Spider-Man (red & black) and a Mystery Figure which is Deadpool.

We purchased a couple of them and pulled Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man. Glad we didn't get doubles!
These can still be found at certain Hot Topic Stores. These cost $7.90 each. They don't have a Hot Topic exclusive sticker on the package like they do on their regular exclusive releases.

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