Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SDCC 2016 Swag, Freebies and Giveaways

When it comes to free swag/freebies/giveaways etc... SDCC has some of the best stuff. There's a lot of things that companies give away to promote their company, products, movies, tv shows, toy lines etc... You really just have to be at the right place at the right time when they are giving things out. Here's a few things of what we got from SDCC this year.

Above is the Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Rogue One Poster.

Double Sided bag that Metals Die Cast was giving out. 

Marvel was giving out these thick cardstock posters of M&M's.

They were also giving out these small photographic flyer size print poster of the Poe Dameron Comic Cover. 

Luke Chueh's Sad Bear Sticker!

Super7's MOTU Power Token

Sanrio PomPomPurin and Chococat Patches. There were more patches but trying to find the Sanrio ladies walking around the outer areas of the convention was hard. 

Conan Posters given out at the TBS booth. 

Clutter Magazine given out at various art/vinyl toy companies' booths. 

Suicide Squad The Joker Kawaii Cube from the PREVIEWS booth.

Got these Star Trek Mega Bloks from the Mega Bloks section in the Mattel area. 

Also in the Mattel area they were giving out these WWE Might Minis Exclusive blind bag.

From the Fox booth they gave out posters and playing cards which the outer box featured Gotham and Lucifer.

The Previews booth also gave out these Bandai Doraemon Chrome mini figures. The Previews booth gave different things each day/time you go by their booth. 

Hasbro was giving out the Series 1 Yo-Kai Watch blind bag. 

Halo Mego Block has their own booth separate from Mattel and the other Mega Bloks section and gave out these 2016 Exclusive figures. 

This is just a sample of what was given out. A lot of the stuff we got we gave to friends and family when we got back such as movie/tv show posters, monster high bags, dc girls cape, bags, t-shirt, magazines etc...

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